Purchasing Ready-mixed Concrete

If you need to use concrete for your construction project, you should consider some factors in purchasing it. Buying suitable precast concrete requires research because it helps you save time and money. Before ordering ready-mixed concrete, you should inquire about the company from which you intend to buy concrete.

The required amount of concrete must also be precisely calculated. Over-ordering or under-ordering are both costly and may delay the project process. However, we guide you in buying ready-mixed concrete to help you execute your project successfully.

The importance of purchasing ready-mixed concrete

Ready-Mix Concrete is prepared with the exact specifications which the customer provides and is sent to the project site for concreting by truck mixer (concrete truck). Ordering ready-mixed concrete can be critical for construction projects.

Construction projects must use the most durable and high-quality materials. Regarding concrete, the ratio of water to cement, the size of the aggregates, and generally the properly engineered mixing design must be tailored to the project’s needs. Preparing a suitable mixing plan requires proper technical-engineering knowledge and expertise.

On the other hand, buying ready-mixed concrete means economical. This method reduces the initial costs and avoids the costs of storing raw materials on site. All you have to do is to consider how much building materials you need to store in the warehouse to make concrete on-site and who and with what equipment can carry out the concreting operation quickly.

Therefore, time is also important in ordering ready-mixed concrete. Consequently, it can prevent delays due to the installation and dismantling of on-site construction equipment and instead allows you to focus on concreting and processing. It is essential to prepare the concrete at the proper time.

Benefits of buying ready-mixed concrete

The advantages of ordering ready-mixed concrete are as follows:

High quality and compatibility

One of the advantages of using ready-mixed concrete is that variables such as compressive strength, performance, fit of components, water to cement ratio, and concrete drop that can be controlled according to the project’s needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment provides a consistent quality standard.

Ready-mixed concrete in factory

Ready-mixed concrete is produced in our factory with advanced equipment

Increase and improve productivity

The traditional mixing method, including making concrete on-site, was time and money consuming to complete each project. With the adaptation of the construction industry and the advent of new technologies, the production process now leads to less supervision, efficient use of cement and saving energy and resources thanks to the ready-mixed concrete.

Fast and convenient delivery

One of the main goals of buying ready-mixed concrete is to provide the best quality materials on deadline, which the customer provided. Delivery time is important no matter how much the amount of concrete is. For construction sites located in crowded neighbourhoods, ready-mixed concrete is quickly unloaded on-site through a pump, and of course, having equipment that can pump concrete in different conditions is a must.

truck mixer

The ready-mixed concrete is transported to the project site by a truck mixer

Difference between ready and manual concrete (field concrete)

Influential factor Ready concrete Manual concrete
Time Delivery is ready and dumped quickly on-site. Slower process due to different stages of work, formulas and setting time
Equipment Does not require equipment at the construction site. A batch mixer and other equipment are needed to make concrete on site
Distribution Available in several projects. It must be mixed precisely at the place of use to prevent contamination.
Suggested application Tall structures Low-rise structures
Storage conditions No need for extra storage space for raw materials. Storage space is required on-site to manage and protect materials such as cement and aggregates
Waste concrete Material waste on-site is minimal. When storing and mixing, the concrete mix is somewhat wasted.
Quality Consistent quality, thanks to an automated and controlled environment, constant monitoring is required to create the right mix Concrete setting time may vary due to inconsistencies


Skilled labour is required only for pouring and vibrating concrete More workforces are needed to prepare concrete at the project site.
Material estimation Concrete can be calculated as a single material. Materials must be estimated separately, and their purchase must be planned independently.
Space Quick access to the concrete mixer truck. Requires storage space for batches and mixers.
Amount of concrete required Large quantities of concrete can be delivered. It is challenging to mix large amounts of concrete on-site.


Factors influencing the purchase of ready-mixed concrete

There are several factors to consider when buying concrete:

How to order ready-mixed concrete

The concrete composition is determined based on the executive plan for most cases, such as concreting the foundation, roof. In this way, project managers order the desired concrete based on strength and classification. C30 concrete, for example, means that the determined strength of concrete is 30 Mpa. Then, the concrete manufacturer precisely knows what type of concrete to produce and send to the project site. You can consult with a concrete factory while buying ready-mixed concrete.

Choosing the right supplier

Concreting is an important part of any construction project, so you should choose your concrete plant carefully while buying ready-mixed concrete.

The amount of concrete required

Concrete is sold in bulk. Therefore, you have to calculate the volume of concrete manually. If you can not estimate the amount of concrete used, you can consult with factory experts.

However, it is vital to calculate the amount of concrete needed because if you order a small amount, the concrete may run out, and the concreting process will be complicated. On the other hand, over-ordering will mean extra cost; but it is recommended to order 5 to 10% more than you need concrete.

Purchase price of ready-mixed concrete

Do not be fooled by the low price! If you buy low-quality concrete, your costs will be multiplied. Of course, the high price of ready-mixed concrete will not guarantee quality.

The price of concrete depends on various factors, including the type of concrete and the project’s location. Other factors such as the amount of cement used, the kind of concrete pumping, the current price of raw materials such as sand, concrete grade, compressive strength of concrete, weather conditions, and alike, also affect the cost of concrete.

Transportation is also significant because the greater the distance between the concrete plant and the project site, the higher the cost. However, to inquire about the price of concrete, you can contact Betonparszagros  Consultants and seek advice from them.

Essential points in choosing the best ready-mixed concrete factory

Today, there are several factories in the city that can be used to buy concrete. Meanwhile, a wide range of manufacturers may make it difficult for customers to choose the right place. Due to the importance of this issue, we have brought the following important items to help you choose the best ready-mixed concrete manufacturer:

  • Check the advanced equipment and facilities of the concrete plant?
  • Research the popularity and quality of the product?
  • Make inquiries about the methods and speed of concrete transfer to the project site?
  • Request the price list of ready-mixed concrete?
  • Make inquiries about the precedence of the ready-mixed concrete factory?
  • Check the distance from the factory to the project site?
  • Evaluate the concrete production volume of the factory?
  • Do your research on customer satisfaction status?
  • Find out about factory customer satisfaction services?
  • Identify customers from different factories and ask them questions?

Steps of buying ready-mixed concrete

The first task is to determine the location of the ready-mixed concrete. To do this, you need to do the necessary research on the concrete plant. Then, after determining the concrete supplier, mention such things as compressive strength, drop, maximum coarse aggregate size you need and concrete additives in the contract.

Ask the manufacturer to add five per cent air to the concrete. The presence of chemicals along with the air causes air bubbles to be formed inside the concrete. As a result, it prevents stress, shrinkage and expansion, and the concrete resists any climate change.

You can order the concrete you need by calling or registering a concrete online order. Although concrete is a unique product, it was not possible to order it online until today. However, Betonparszagros  Corporation has bridged this gap, and the possibility of booking concrete online for customers has been provided. On the Betonparszagros  website, you can specify the type of structure that needs concreting (foundation, roof, column) and other items such as strength class, area, type of pump (fixed or rig), selection of day and hour of making concrete.

Register your order at least one day before concreting.

The time required to start unloading the prepared mixture from the mixer truck after entering the workplace and preparing to receive the concrete will significantly impact the quality and final cost of the concrete on site. Do the casting and piling before the first mixer truck arrives. Delays in concreting increase costs.

Check parking space and place the mixer truck. If you need a concrete pump, check the surrounding streets to find the best location for the mixer truck. All you have to do after the truck mixer arrives is prepare the workers for concreting, levelling the concrete surface and starting the processing steps.

Where to buy concrete?

Buying ready-mixed concrete requires a few workforces, time, effort and cost than hand-mixed concrete. Ready-mixed concrete helps maintain consistent quality throughout the work. Ordering ready-mixed concrete is the best solution to avoid poor performance, dripping, improper water to cement ratio, insufficient mixing time that occur in traditional concrete mixing. On the other hand, buying concrete online is a great solution to improve the order of concrete.

With a bright background in sales, Betonparszagros  Corporation produces the best and highest quality concrete in the north of Tehran. It is also one of the major centres of ready-mixed concrete production in the country. To order ready-mixed concrete, you can either call us or order concrete online through the “Buy Concrete Online” section.