Concrete additives, types of additives and their use

What are additives to concrete? Types and uses of concrete additives The purpose of concrete additives is to improve the behavior of concrete under various conditions. Additives lower construction costs, alter the properties of hardened concrete and maintain the quality of concrete throughout mixing, transport, pouring, and processing. These substances are sold in ready-to-use form [...]

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What is transparent concrete?

?What is transparent concrete Concrete is the most widely-used construction material in the world. Nevertheless, researchers and producers work together to create various types of concrete to improve the building's overall quality and value of the building. Meanwhile, transparent concrete is widely used in many industries. Interior architecture is increasingly using transparent concrete, an energy-efficient, [...]

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What is self-compacting concrete (SCC)?

What is self-compacting concrete? The definition of self-compacting concrete is "concrete that flows under its own weight and does not require vibration to be compacted." This is applied for jobs where using vibrators to mix concrete would be challenging. Dense concrete has the capacity to fill space, pass through reinforcement, and resist separation. Please join [...]

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