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    • Literacon concrete

    What is transparent concrete?

    ?What is transparent concrete Concrete is the most widely-used construction material in the world. Nevertheless, researchers and producers work together to create various types of concrete to improve the building's overall quality and value of [...]

    • Self-consolidating concrete

    What is self-compacting concrete (SCC)?

    What is self-compacting concrete? The definition of self-compacting concrete is "concrete that flows under its own weight and does not require vibration to be compacted." This is applied for jobs where using vibrators to mix [...]

    • What Is Hydration?

    What is hydration?

    What Is Hydration? When cement, water, aggregates and admixtures are blend together, a significant increase in temperature occurs. This is due to the exothermic process in the reaction between cement and water, which is called [...]

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